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Coronavirus Update

Updated 22/09/2021

Covid 19

Can cleaners work during restriction easing period?

Latest: Cleaners are allowed to continue working safely during restrictions easing period across the UK in domestic and commercial premises. Cleaners are exempt from the ‘rule of six’. Moving house is allowed and end of tenancy cleaners can continue working following health and safety guidelines.

The health and wellbeing of our clients and the people who work with us is of the utmost importance.

We have taken steps to continue delivering service safely following the government announcement. Our customers still rely on us to maintain quality cleaning safely in the commercial and domestic environments during this difficult period. 

Unwell or self-isolating

  • Cleaners will stay at home if they feel unwell or are self-isolating following NHS advice

  • Customers are asked to postpone their cleaning session if they are unwell or self-isolating by contacting our Customer Services.

  • Customers may consider booking our deep cleaning or antiviral sanitisation service and let us know of suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus so that our deep cleaning experts can carry a thorough clean.

Advice given to our cleaning staff

  • Avoid public transport if possible or wear facial covering on public transport if using is absolutely necessary

  • Follow social distancing rules

  • Follow advice from the government on masks and facial coverings

  • Wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds or use anti-bacterial gel. 

  • Pay extra attention for frequently touched areas such as door handles, switches, kitchen tops, etc.

  • Remove shoes when at cleans.

  • Open windows where it is possible to allow for ventilation.

Avoiding contact and social distancing

  • We have asked cleaners to stay away from customers in a different room or at least 2m away

  • We have skipped sessions for many of customers in a vulnerable group

Supporting your cleaner during these difficult times

Despite the fact that many of our cleaning staff receive London Living Wage, they will still be hit hard during this crisis. Many staff rely on full earnings to maintain their basic living. Although some of our staff will be covered by 80% job retention scheme, many of our cleaners will not be eligible due to their self-employed status and will have to rely on Universal Credit or Employment Support Allowance unless UK Government comes up with further measures of support.

How you can help?

  • Keep your current bookings as they are so your cleaner still has regular work if it is safe to continue.

  • Pause your cleaning sessions so that you can resume it when you feel safe to do so. We can also offer option to pay your cleaner a voluntary contribution if you are able to help.

Avoid the dirty scene, get your home clean.

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