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Gym Cleaning Services

Gym Cleaning Services: Gym - Heading

Impress Your members, Visitors and Staff

At Our Time To Shine we understand how important it is to keep all the areas of your spa, health or leisure centre clean to the highest standards. Cleanliness is not just important for your club members, but for your internal staff as well. We want them to have a positive experience they deserve, and that is why we do what we do!
We will help you to get of bacteria and dirt in toilets, showers, changing rooms and all areas of your centre. We can work around your schedule and can assign cleaning operatives at the times to suit you whether it is early morning, late evenings or weekends.

We’ll Always Do a Thorough Job

At Our Time To Shine Cleaning Services we know that gym cleaning requires a lot of hand on contact with the equipment, along with making sure all fingerprints, sweat marks are removed.  Any sweat, grease drink spillage removed from vinyl around all the equipment.


Our professional cleaners will have your centre and gym equipment sparkling and ready for use. We understand these key areas see the highest amount of sweat from patrons who are utilising your services either running, jumping or lifting weights. Showers that get utilised numerous times a day can gather mould and soap scum. Dry sweat smells as well as sweet in carpets also breed mould not to mention hair that’s fallen. Our experienced team cleaners know just what it takes to clean these high traffic areas and the importance. 

Gym Equipments

Gym, Leisure Centres, Health Clubs & Golf Clubs

Our Time To Shine Cleaning Services will wipe down your equipment to ensure that there is no lingering sweat or dirt on it so that your clients feel comfortable using your workout equipment. floors see a lot of traffic. That’s why Our Time To Shine Cleaning Services will clean all types of flooring, from hard floors to carpets. Our team will use the best cleaners for your type of flooring, whether that be a vacuum or a steam cleaning. We’ll treat your floors with an anti-bacterial product for a clean surface.

Our gym cleaning service includes

  • Gym areas including gym equipment

  • Locker rooms

  • Toilets, showers, sinks & urinals

  • Class studios

  • Steam Pressure Cleaning

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Pressure Cleaning

  • Floor Cleaning

  • Lifts, Mirrors, and glass gleaning

Image by Mark Bertulfo
Image by Mark Bertulfo


We understand that leisure centres and gyms can get very busy at peak times, so we are flexible with the times when cleaning can be done, e.g. early mornings, evenings or night times. Our experienced cleaners will use cleaning materials to ensure all COVID-19 guidelines and Health & Safety requirements are met, so that your club remains a safe and professionally clean environment.

We’d love to have the opportunity to work with you. Get in touch with us today.

Throwing all the dust away.


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